Throwback Thursday

Here's me, James and the changing bag I finally finished when he was about 3 months old. It was a bit of an epic project, took a lot of work and was all the more tricky for me to finish because of my weird knitting technique - which involves holding the yarn between two fingers and moving my entire hand each time I 'throw' rather than looping it over a finger like 90% of the rest of the knitting world! The bag is mainly knit in moss stitch so you can understand my slow progress... It's a great pattern and involves adding 3 zips, if I remember correctly it was a Berroco knitbits freebie. Here it is, Taunus by the brilliant Cirilia Rose.

Lots has changed since these photos were taken, my lad isn't a baby any more, he's starting school in September and tearing around the house demanding lollies and jumping off stuff. 'I've eaten my fruit now Mummy, please can I have a lolly?', and saying odd things like 'I aren't' instead of 'I'm not'. I love 'I aren't', I remember being about 15 and a friend at school broke up with her boyfriend whose response was 'I aren't bothered' -  ha ha!


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