A skein or two

So, to begin with, here's a beauty I was lucky enough to win in a competition. It's from the wonderful Life in the Long Grass yarn company and is a ridiculously gorgeous little skein. Ha ha, Rich came home from work and I showed him my green skein (see below) and then he caught sight of the LITLG one and was amazed by it (thinking I'd dyed it!), ha ha... Erm, no, that one was done by a professional!

But I'm very, very pleased with my skeins, the yarn I used is very soft and squashy, like a little cushion (BFL + nylon sock yarn). I will probably make a couple of changes when I do the next batch, little things like tying the yarn up myself, it was a little loose and I do like a neat skein.
This will be an excellent and fun way to amuse myself creatively during the day as it's something I can easily do while the kids are around. It's interesting because although I've only been doing it a few days and have only done a couple of batches, it's already feeding back into the studio and helping me with my painting in the evenings (I've been at rock bottom with my painting mojo over the last few weeks).


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