Doing dyeing

So all the hand-dyeing stuff arrived yesterday. I was excited to get started but was also pretty nervous, what if everything I dyed was horrible!?

Anyway, I cracked right on and I did it! It was so much fun. Mixing up the dyes was a little bit like mixing oils from dry pigments but not as easy because I had no idea what the final colour would be like, it was sort of like watercolours in a way but again, not as easy. Lots of fun though, did I mention that?.
I did two types of dyeing, the hand-painted sort and the traditional dye bath sort. I liked both but found hand-painting quite tricky, the sections I wanted to be lighter came out lighter in a 'the dye hasn't been applied properly' sort of way but I'll see how it knits up.

 I had to have a massive clean-up before I started anything... Our kitchen gets pretty chaotic on a daily basis.

Can you see the squishy soft yarn in the above photo? Hedgehog Fibres again (another impulse buy)! It's their Kidslik Lace and ooh, it's so lovely, I'm so glad I snagged two skeins. I'm planning on knitting a gorgeous summer cardigan with it, double-stranded,one strand Kidsilk, one strand sock weight. The cardigan is called Celastrina, it's light, floaty and empire-line (my favourite style).

The pink! The rust! The mossy tones... Just perfection. Will be back with my imperfect little skeins in the next few days, oh, and a couple of small stash enhancements too.


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