Thoughts about hand dyeing yarn

I've recently (impulsively) decided to give hand dyeing wool a go here at home. I've been feeling increasinly disillusioned with the art world, under pressure to produce things for people (lovely people, lovely things), taken advantage of by too many art galleries & dealers, and I just want a little change, to combine two things I genuinely love, yarn and painting.
The knitting community is very different to the arty ones, it is very supportive, friendly and relaxed. For example, lovely knitters adding me as a friend on my new Instagram account, even though I only have two posts and not a lot else, simply because I've added them. Now, I know this makes good business sense, and some are dyers but it's still friendly and welcoming and appreciated. I'm not sitting here behind the laptop crying because nobody loves me or appreciates my art by the way (lots of kind people say kind things), I simply want to get more into my yarny pursuits & see if my painterly ways would translate to skeins because I am literally obsessed with skeins of yarn at the moment. Obsessed in the sense that I lie awake at night matching skeins to patterns and wishing I had more hours to do more knitting and also lying there smiling about the colours in a skein. With Hedgehog Fibres for example, I see the colours in Beata's yarns everywhere, particularly in the skies over the moor (where I live). I love to think about yarns while I'm walking although I'm not sure it's normal to be quite so obsessed with yarn. But then I think about Birthday Cake!!! I have enough Birthday Cake for a third Oblique cardigan, took me ages to decide which cardigan to knit with it because variegated yarn sometimes needs texture & lace to allow it to really shine. Oblique has it all and I can't wait to get started. But then there was a post on the Hedgehog Fibres destash page on Ravelry, of their Merino DK in the Monarch colourway (previous post, last photo), 7 skeins, enough for a good sized cardigan and destined to become White Pine by Amy Christoffers. Leftovers from the two colourways are going to become a thick pair of socks.

Anyway, coming back to hand dyeing here at home, me on my own, who knows, it could be a massive disaster & totally not work for me. We'll see, I'll keep an open mind and an open heart as they say!
One thing I worry about (and do so with my paintings too) is that I might unconsciously emulate somebody else's style. If that happens and is blatantly obvious, embarrassingly so, then it may be time to go back to the drawing board, leave it to the experts so to speak. Fingers crossed I can make it work and make something that is me and not a mish mash of my memories of everyone else's amazing yarn.


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