I'm Georgie, UK-based artist and mum of two small boys. I've been pretty obsessed with knitting for years now and only recently discovered the absolute joy that is indie dyed yarn, it's an expensive little habit!

You can find me on Ravelry as georgievinsun. I spend a LOT of time lurking around on Ravelry.

My favourite things include lounging in bed, watching things which make me laugh (& documentaries) on the TV, oh and I also love reading in the bath (Antonia Forest and Alan Garner are a couple of my favourite authors).
In my evenings I spend time in my painting studio and make bold, bright abstracts inspired by life. You can find my painting website here.

I live in a quiet area in the Staffordshire Moorlands, UK with my boys and my husband Rich. We like to go on adventures (parks, walks, steam trains, farms... Classic children's activities really!), muck about and generally have fun.

The above dress is based on Kate Davies' wonderful Scatness Tunic design. I really like knitting dresses.

More about me... I'm a graduate of the arts (I did a degree in painting) and painting is actually my job. Most of the time I love painting, but from time to time I get very fed up with all the 'blah' that is the art world, it can sometimes feel like a horribly competitive and cut-throat sort of a business.
Most days all I want to do is knit and squish/sniff skeins of yarn. This blog is a space to share my yarny obsessions and my own knits. I had a go at dyeing yarn on several occasions but found it difficult to achieve what is known in the knitting community as a 'sweater quantity' (or as I'd say, a 'jumper quantity'), also, my colours weren't so nice. I decided to leave it to the experts!

Here are some favourites of mine
Films: The Railway Children, Fantastic Mr. Fox (What the cuss?!), Happy-Go-Lucky, Another Year (I love Mike Leigh's slice of life films), also Unstoppable. I dislike anything gritty or violent.
Books: All of Antonia Forest's books, I am a big Marlow family fan (my faves are Nicola, Peter & Rowan, natch. Have a soft spot for Lawrie too). I also really love Alan Garner, no writer leaves me with such a sense of having been immersed in a story as he does (& nobody else does pure terror like Garner). He writes about places local to me as well and I like that connection very much, his writing brings the places alive and puts a sense of something otherworldly into words very cleverly, a true wordsmith.
Food: Sandwiches
Yarn: Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift
Yarn base: I love woolly yarns, probably because I love colourwork.
Song: Rock the Casbah by the Clash
Music: Drum & Bass (Hospital Records in particular).
Colour: Bit of a cliché but all of them.
Drink: Tea of the brown variety only (English Breakfast mainly), but if I'm feeling especially extravagant, then fizzy water! Herbal tea is always a disappointment to me.
Place: Home or the Lake District (Threlkeld Mining Museum/Grange-in-Borrowdale & Mungrsidale are favourites)
Birdsong: Song Thrush/Blackbird/Robin/Dunnock, I can't choose, I adore the birds.
Season: Summer
Item to knit: Dress
Smell: My boys' hair (usually when they're sleeping, I have a good sniff!)
Flower: Night scented stock, Mesembryanthium or Sweet Pea.
Cookbook: I'm quite fond of Nigel Slater's Tender Vol. 1 & 2, they're so useful when you've got a glut of fruit or veg and so poetically written, he has such a connection with the seasons and with his food.
Animal: I love hares, I also quite like badgers.
Appliance: The hoover! Or should I say the Dyson... Either way, I love it.
TV programme: Channel 5's Traffic Cops. I love documetary-style police programmes, particularly BBC ones focussing on how the detectives solve cases.
Knitting needle: Haven't tried many to be honest, Rich got me some Addi interchangeables and I have some Addi lace circs too, they're lovely. I use Brittany dpns and a lot of vintage straights too. I would say straight needles are my number 1 favourite in fact.

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