My Byggleton

So this was intended to be Bygglier than it ended up. I think I got lazy halfway though and a bit overconfident that the yarn would stretch (it was really stretchy as I was knitting that lace pattern...). Anyway, long story short, after blocking, the sleeves were not going to go round my arms very well once seamed. This is typical of me, I wish it wasn't but I still slip up like this from time to time. Anyway! I didn't unravel it, I just knit a couple of stockinette strips and seamed them in, it's the sort of thing that only knitters will really notice in any case and I'm quite contented with the finished object, it feels very nice to wear (magically light yet warm) and it looks pretty nice. The pattern is Lyttleton by Kate Davies, yarn details below.

The yarn is just stunning, as ever. It's Hedgehog Fibres Silk/Merino Singles in the Pollen colourway. I swear I have got to delete my Instagram accounts and leave the HF updates list! Do you know that this year I was intending to de-stash (in the sense that I would knit all my stashed yarn rather then sell it) and I was also intending not to buy any more new yarn. I gave away all the acrylic & the stuff I didn't swoon over when I opened my yarn boxes, I spent maybe one month, possibly two not buying more yarn and then I got HF fever.. I need the antibodies.

I did add my leftover skeins of Pollen to my trade/sell page on Ravelry but changed my mind after a couple of days and put them back in my stash, I quite fancy knitting a Pollination scarf at some point, probably a bit thinner than the pattern suggests so I can get the length I need from my leftovers. So much yarn, so little time. Half the fun of knitting & collecting yarn is planning though, isn't it?


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