Stripey Dress

I haven't enjoyed a project this much in AGES. This was so much fun from start to finish, even weaving all the ends in- did that in stages of course, I never leave all the ends to weave in TILL the end of a project like this, it's just asking for trouble really isn't it?

So, I've said this before but the project was inspired by one knit by Kristy Glass, she's the vlogger who does the 'Tell me about your Rhinebeck sweater' videos and LOADS of other videos/interviews. She did an interview with Chantal Belisle recently, I loved it, Chantal was hilarious, I loved how she happily swore with abandon (you rarely hear any swearing on any podcasts) she really is a character.
Anyway, Kristy Glass made this dress and it became one of those projects which preoccupies my mind, I really wanted to make one.

I took some pictures inside as it was so cold. Added a sunhat as it seemed to tie-in with the fact that this is a summer dress!

The yarns are a mixture, some are Aran-weight, some DK, some Sock/4-ply. To mix the weights I held yarns doubled a lot of the time. The white yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners DK (Ecru), I cast on and cast off with this white and striped it throughout the dress to pull it all together. Other than that I went for a colour palette of blues, pinks and lilac. Most yarns were Life in the Long Grass, an old favourite of mine.
Sometimes I would add in a colour and then think it looked awful and then I'd have to spend ages mulling over whether I should rip it back or not. I found that it all went together quite well in the end though! It's a lovely light dress, perfect for the warmer months and very different to my usual dresses which are generally for the cooler months. I was thinking about the UK and our weather the other day, trying to figure out a rough percentage of cool months/warm months. I bet there are charts somewhere which illustrate this actually.

Anyway, it was the perfect car knitting project for our short holiday in the Lake District, much better than the socks I took one year. Long rounds of fairly mindless knitting + lots of colours = happy me!


  1. A really beautiful project that suits you perfectly!!

    1. Thanks, it's lovely of you to say so! :-)


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