Carbeth + Instagram

Couldn't resist this pattern. I had just the right sort of yarn in my stash, the use of which I had changed my mind about and so I wasn't sure what to do with it. Then Kate released her Carbeth jumper pattern! The yarn (Berocco Blackstone Tweed) is very similar to Buachaille (Kate's yarn), same metreage, same feel, same thickness. I had just the right amount too so it had to be cast on immediately.

I have since given this jumper to my sister Sam. I'm not convinced that I like oversized jumpers just yet. Sam proved to be a very worthy recipient though, she had admired the jumper on my (deleted) Instagram account and it fits her very well.
Speaking of Instagram, I deleted my account maybe a week ago. I'm not sure. I regret my decision because I discovered Kate Selene yarns only the other day and Instagram is one of the best places to share stuff like that with like-minded people. Honestly, I hate being so impulsive sometimes.
I was on it far too much so instead of limiting it like a sensible person, I deleted it. I've downloaded the app again and will be back on there at some point. I'm not finding it easy to sign back up what with wi-fi and network issues. I suppose that gives me time to think of a username though.
Edited to add that I chose the very original username of Birdsongknits_again... Ha!


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