Mrs Darcy

I had a fit of nostalgia recently and had to cast on the Mra Darcy cardigan pattern (a popular pattern from way back when - 2008!). I used my Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn held double and added a strand of HHF Merino Lace 1200m in a discontinued colourway (Granny). I'd been feeling the need to use this yarn up, but also to do it justice because Granny is a favourite colourway of mine and I'd sold my second hank of it last year (I got seller's remorse badly!!). I only had a small aount left and striped in a strand of HHF Blue Faced Lace (Whisper - a pale pink/beige mix). HHF means Hedgehog Fibres if anyone doesn't know :-)
The Merino Lace is funny stuff, it's lovely, takes the dye really well and of course, it's super-soft. It doesn't bloom much when washed and blocked though, it's not got much fuzz and that puts me off knitting with it for lace projects. The Blue Faced Lace on the other hand, it's grabby, soft and fuzzy, takes the dye in a beautifully subtle way too. I'd not hesitate to use it for any lace pattern.
The Merino Lace works best for me if held alongside a neutral thicker yarn, it gives such a subtle variegated effect.

Lovely flecks of colour from the lace-weight yarn. The Scheepjes Stone Washed was absolutely lovely to work with, really squeaky and super soft.

Finished it very quickly! I was delighted not to have any of the problems I had had with my original attempts at knitting this design back in 2008. I'd only recommend the original pattern (not the re-written one) to experienced knitters, I had to make judgements whilst knitting and slight changes to make it fit.


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