Equal Night

Wow, I knit this one up so quickly! The yarn is from my Xania dress, it's by Pickles (it was a bit of a splurge at the time) and it was making me feel very guilty sat there half unravelled in my basket. I made myself finish unravelling it and then started to mull over what to do with the yarn, sell it on or figure out something different to make with it.

Anyway, I decided on Equal Night, a blanket pattern by Soft Sweater (Sylvia McFadden). I'd seen this on the Coffee & Craft podcast and really liked it but thought I'd not be able to make it as it uses super-bulky yarn and 15 mm needles and really I can't be buying more yarn/needles at the moment. I decided I wouldn't mind a smaller-sized blanket though and cracked on with the yarn and needles I already had available. Glad I did!
It was such a quick and simple knit. I took 3 of my unravelled balls of yarn with me to Rich's parents' house when we visited and managed to finish all 3. There was an odd morning when I had no knitting left to do, I'd put heels in all 4 of James's socks and finished my blanket wool. I was feeling a bit lost (with no knitting - sad but true) and a little poorly. Went for a walk with the boys and Rich's mum Jane and Jazz the Collie dog - that was fun.
Picked up the blanket again in the evening when we had got home and some washing was in the machine and I'd settled back in. The edging is fun, it's knit-on and you're casting off as you knit your way around. Took me an evening as I kept putting it down to admire it and enjoy the curve which was emerging (it had been so bunched up on my needles it looked like a big sack!).

Folded in two, a nice semi-circle, thick and warm.

Super-drapey! I like wearing it this way best. Cropped my head off as I looked like I'd got a crick in my neck.

What am I looking for?

Still haven't found it... Ah well.


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