Ranunculus - Sort of...

I decided I needed a jumper to wear while sitting in bed and I'd noticed Raveller DutchJacky had made one fairly recently in a lovely ochre shade. "Ooh, lovely!" I thought.

The idea percolated as I finished up my St Catherines cardi (which I've not blogged about yet). I decided to re-use this Hedgehog Fibres Silk/Merino Singles yarn (discontinued base) which is a vibrant and very pleasing shade of yellow called 'Pollen'. I'm not sure if they still dye Pollen, they have a few newer yellows, none of which are quite my cup of tea, this one just has such a richness to it!

Yes, I butchered the poor yoke. I was away for the weekend, no internet access and I didn't understand the instruction for making the pretty stitch pattern so I just went into yarn-over mode.
I omitted the short row shaping because I really hate short row shaping/shaping in general. So much piddling about!

Because I love i-cord cast offs.

It's oversized but not too oversized. I'm not at all on board with the current oversized trend, it often just creates bulk and then Rich says to me "You look like you're wearing a bin bag". Probably there's a lot to be said here for yarn choices, some are more skimming and drapey, also, it really depends on a person's general style.

One other thing, I separated the sleeves/body earlier than instructed because I really do not like the poncho/penguin arm style. I want to be able to move as I wish, unencumbered by my jumper! Arms in the air without the jumper rising up as I lift.

Anyway, I love it. It's cosy, colourful and hasn't the yarn re-knit well? It was unravelled from a pair of well-worn cardigans and while it does have bobbling here and there, it's nothing major, they pull off really easily. One other note about re-knitting frogged yarn, I just wind it directly into a ball and knit it straight back up, no re-skeining/washing or anything. It's never been a problem for me but I'm very much an "it'll do"/bodge it kind of a knitter.
Probably worth re-skeining/washing if you need to know how it will behave and have a bit more control over it, especially if you're a swatcher!


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