Well, it's been a lovely year so far and wow, what a fantastic summer! I love summer best of all, although each season has its own charms. We have a tree in our garden which is always the first to drop its leaves come September, and in the spring it is always the last to sprout them! The garden is currently sprinkled with leaves from this tree, it looks like yellow confetti or little petals; I like how the wind gathers them into piles and spreads them about the place. They float past my studio window, looking a bit like snowflakes and they make me smile.

I made 3 hats when it was very hot, all the same pattern (Beloved Aran), all using variegated yarns. The one above is Oliver's, brown of course. I made it using Kate Selene yarns held tripled.
Below is the wrong side of my Granny's Paperweight crochet blanket, a delightful pattern that I'm making for fun, for me really but I'll share with the family of course! Oliver wasn't too keen on it when I showed him my progress, he had requested a blanket and so I've started working on a brown version (larger gauge).

Lots of knitting plans flying around. One certainty is that I am knitting a dressing gown (pictured below), it's from a book called Romantic Style and has a fair few projects on Ravelry.
I know that I will be shortening it, I don't want it trailing behind me, it'll still be full-length though. The dressing gown is knit using Rowan's Kid Classic yarn, rather a lot of Kid Classic. Luckily I impulse-bought a LOT of Kid Classic last year from a Raveller who had a worsening mohair allergy. She was selling it all off very cheap (£3 per ball) and so I ended up with 20 balls of the colour 'Dashing' which is a lovely oatmeal shade.

Non-knitting-wise it's all change here, both my little boys are now at school and I have decided that it is time for me to do the same. I started my lessons at college last week, doing an Access course in preparation for my return to university (hopefully) next year.The college is lovely, old and very, very interesting. I'll take some photos this week!

Here are the RAF parachute team, we saw them at a family fair a couple of weekends ago! I think I enjoyed their bit the most, it was very exciting to watch although I don't fancy having a go at that EVER.


  1. Love the colours of your hat! and this gown... I remember it in the Rowan booklet, with other beautiful patterns like this top in KSH (on a strap dress) :-). Look forward to seeing your version!

    1. Thank you! I hope that the gown isn't too big a project - I'm very excited to try and knit it though. Yes, the KSH top is beautiful!!! Such a lovely book :-)


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