Fern + Feather

Back in June or July I was asked if I fancied test knitting a couple of Jenn Steingass's designs, this one and Treysta. I fancied knitting both thank you very much, so I ordered wool and cracked on with my Moder dy and then my wrist started hurting. I finished Treysta but didn't cast Fern + Feather on. I was a little sad about this but tendon care was definitely the order of the day.

I cast Fern + Feather on finally at the beginning of October, I can't remember why as I already had a couple of projects on my needles and I hate having more than 2 projects on the go... I think it was because I'd finished my Treysta dress and was so pleased with it that I wanted to crack on with this one!

I knit the top section as written up to the underarms when I started increasing my needle size every inch or so, from 4mm to 6mm. I then did subtle increases every 3", ribbing till my wool ran out and cast off all of the edges with my contrasting colour.
I don't know if Lett Lopi has got softer or if I've become desensitised to it but I find this lovely to wear, fuzzy, warm and soft in a woolly way. My sister commented that the wool ball felt like a Brillo pad! Desensitised then...

Even James said it was 'lovely and softie wool'.


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