House Dressing!

I've just noticed that I never got round to posting about my House Dressing dress. I was rather tired after finishing it and the fun of the Christmas weeks sort of got in the way. The dress was worn a LOT over the last month (I really need to wash it...).

I only made a couple of modifications, first was the garter stitch hem, which came about because I messed the hem up on my first attempt, twisting the stitches. I just unravelled the hem and cast on a second time, then I knit back and forth (flat) till I could be certain that I wasn't going to twist it again.
The colourwork took an age and was quite tricky, some mega-long floats and intarsia. Still, I got there with it eventually! Then it was skirt time and decrease time, although this section took me ages as I kept working on other projects and really, I don't do well with multiple WIPs so this one ended up being folded and stuffed under the bed.

Finally I had cleared my needles and picked this dress up again determined to have it ready for the beginning of December. I nearly did, I knit the top, did my 3-needle bind-off and it didn't fit. It looked like a big sack!! I was so disappointed and frustrated (I'd tried it on as I knit the top). Hey-ho. I unravelled it and mulled it over for a bit. My solution was to knit the top section o a different dress that I know fits me when knit at the gauge I was working at (Ruis by Jatta Saukko). Instead of joining the skirt and top with a 3-needle bind-off, I picked up the skirt stitches and knit the ribbed underbust section on smaller needles (after decreasing). I then switched back to my larger needles and did the top and sleeves.

This is probably the most perfect dress I have ever finished, just in terms of the overall style & fit. It's very wearable and was definitely my most worn dress over the Christmas weeks. I would definitely consider knitting another one of these at some point this year, just with a different colourwork pattern on the hem.


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