I finished my Treysta dress a couple of weeks ago! Hooray. It was a bit hard-going on my wrist, the yoke fabric was very dense with my yarn choice (Jamieson's Shetland Heather - aran weight). I switched to a larger needle size immediately after the yoke.
The pattern is by the lovely Jenn Steingass (Knitlovewool), a designer of wonderful decorative yoked jumpers inspired by nature.

Anyway, I did my photos just standing in the back doorway. Doorway pictures work for light and distance when I'm taking pictures on my own. I try to look at the camera but always end up either fixing it with a steely glare, a creepy smile or a world-weary tired look of defeat. So I look up at the sky or down at the ground and look a bit pretentious instead.

Treysta and the dress I copied the shaping from (Scatness Tunic by Kate Davies). Scatness is a cardigan pattern which I made into a dress, it's my most worn knit, I like its loose wearability and the fact that I can layer it over long-sleeved tops and tights.

Contrast colour to cast off, I stole this idea from Patricia of the Knitography vlogs on Youbute (p4chen on instagram), who did this with her Seachange pullover. Patricia also knit up a beautiful tunic dress earlier this year using that really popular floral yoked jumper from issue 2 of Laine magazine.. I can't remember its name. OK, googled it, it's Birkin, I like that name as it reminds me of the word 'berk', a fun British insult. Don't look up the origin of this now tame insult if you're easily offended.


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