Watching the rain

I'm sitting in my studio just watching the rain as I do a bit of procrastinating, James is watching a programme about the history of the diesel engine (on BBC4 last week, it's fascinating!). He turned 5 yesterday and we had a nice quiet day with the family. James had asked for a fish after seeing them used as props in Sweaterspotter's Pengiun knitting book.

Couldn't find an image via google so I did a screen shot. You can look at and buy her lovely wares here - Jo Waterhouse. I'm very taken with her beautiful lino prints and her cushions. LOVE.

I recently finished a pattern from the Penguin collection, the Aptenodytes Cardigan. I still haven't repositioned the buttons, I do need to do that as it's pulling because of where I placed them in haste, also they make one side appear longer than the other. Here are some dodgy photos of me wearing it, dodgy because I took them myself and my self-taken photos don't often come out very well. The garden fences look so rough but just imagine them as they will be in a few months' time when all my flowers have grown (hidden!).

It's so pretty and was a really interesting garment to knit, I loved its construction. I'm back to working on my small WIP mountain, there are 4 blankets which Will Be Done. I mean that, I'm doing it. I'll post some photos of these soon.


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