I have been crocheting a blanket for James. I started it months ago and ended up putting it to one side, I think as I was making it in single crochet it was proving to be very dense, and frankly it was fairly boring to make, despite the lovely yarn (all Hedgehog Fibres). I'm quite bad for starting things and then hiding them away... 

I'm following the Spice of Life crochet pattern, a free pattern which encourages you to learn new stitches. It was originally released in sections as part of a CAL (crochet along). I love that it's broken down into sections, I feel that a massive single pattern would probably be quite daunting for me. I'm nearly on to section 4 and am adding in small stripes of single crochet for continuity as there is such a big strip of it along the bottom of the blanket. I will finish the blanket with a large matching strip at the top and then the edging, of course.

I'm planning on finishing this before moving on to another WIP (probably my Kate Davies blankets). That said, I am going to cast on a small shawl, more on that later though - I dyed some yarn (naturally), which I'm very excited about.


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