I'm acquiring yarn a lot less rapidly at the moment, a couple of pretty club skeins and a couple of impulsive buys. It's so easy to buy and hoard yarn and I'm finding that it's not for me, that I feel guilty for wasting money and bad that I haven't the time to knit my stash! 
To be fair, this stash of mine isn't too bad (I think I'm around the 50 mark) but I'm going to work on it, particularly rediscovering yarns I've been holding on to for years. I'm not imposing any purchase bans, just trying to exercise restraint and good sense. I can buy yarn if it helps me knit up some stashed yarn too (I'm planning a big Rowan knit which will use some super old stash!).
I've become very nosey on Ravelry in terms of looking at peoples' stashed yarns, some people have hundreds! One lady had over 1000!! I say, whatever makes you happy - less seems to work for me at the moment.


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