Sorry if all the photos here are crammed in, I'm on my phone writing this, in the bath as it happens... Rich always tells me I'll drop the phone in the bath one of these days but I like to court that risk.
So! Since my last post I have been doing a slightly weird lone KAL to the Great British Bake Off (knitting a pair of socks a week), I've had to call time on that this week however, as I'm getting pain in my wrist from the dpns and tight gauge. I've amassed a small collection of socks though and intend to continue, albeit at a slower pace because hand knitted socks really are the business.

I made 'Sprouting' by Beata Jezek - gorgeous pattern and gorgeous Hedgehog Fibres yarn. Knitting these made me realise that while HF sock yarn is super soft and amazing, I actually prefer a more sheepy yarn to knit with. True to my impulsive form I sold my stash of HF sock (very quickly!) on Rav, folk LOVE that yarn, it is super easy to move on if you change your mind. I used the proceeds to secure another round of HF Twist Club. The Twist is Blue Faced Leicester, a lovely breed of yarn to knit with...

Hey! I finished my vintage inspired cardi!!!
Much excitement here about that. It turned out absolutely perfect, I love it and couldn't be happier with the result. Only took me 4 months... But it's not all about speed is it? It's the journey or something like that.

Rose City Rollers socks in HF Twist, the pink's a club colourway, the lighter CC is Monet Light. These were the pair of socks which really made my wrist pain flare up. I knit them on 2.25mm dpns, the tighter gauge makes them snug and comfy but like I said, it hurt my wrist to knit!!

Sea glass, sea pottery, sea shells!!! The boys and I went to Wales last week with my family (poor Rich had to work). We had a lovely time, my sister Sam and I got a bit addicted to sea glass hunting though. I also got a bit hooked on a funny LOTR video from YouTube (Taking the hobbits to Isengard), I'd never seen it before and it made me cry with laughter, it was played many times while we were away - only watch this if you have a silly sense of humour, I showed it to Rich and he was not amused!

Oblique the third. Yes, I have knitted this pattern 3 times. Is knitted even a word? Anyway, it was a great project, the yarn was so much fun to knit with, I am a little addicted to HF yarns at the moment. Colourway is Birthday Cake, two different dyelots.

Last week's Bake Off socks. HF yarn and unknown cream coloured wool. 

Till next time, I'm going to work on my Christie Johnstone dress for the time being, possibly with some socks on the side. 


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