Woohoo! I finished my Leitzel cardigan. This is a Twist Collective pattern and as always with Twist, you get a well laid out, easy to follow quality pattern. I'm very much in the mood for knitting useful and wearable garments/blankets (blankets are always useful in my house).

Looking through the Twist Collective pattern archive is very inspiring, there are so many quality designs in there. I remember stumbling across this pattern and wrinkling my forehead as I noted that it was only in a small number of queues (I found it a little sad). I suppose that especially now there are more patterns out there for knitters to choose from than in the early days of Ravelry and of Twist Collective when each new issue was majorly exciting.
I'm also thinking of the rise of hand dyed and speckled yarns and the type of patterns which best suit them (Stephen West for example), his patterns are just fun to knit, fun in terms of colour and fun in the creative way which he constructs a garment or shawl. It's really interesting to observe the big knitting trends, the wonderful small-scale publications (Making & PomPom for example), yarn companies and their own pattern collections, yarns and everything else besides (project bags and progress keepers...).
It can be hard not to get swept up in the excitement and enthusiasm of other knitters with certain patterns, I often make an impulsive pattern purchase and then realise then next day that I really won't wear or use the finished 'thing', so I return to whatever's already on my needles. The lower part of my Ravelry queue is always in flux.


  1. What a wonderful piece. I love a good cardigan one can cozy up in. Your outfit makes me wistful for fall. I've always wanted to wear skirts with matching tights and flats or booties.

    1. Yes for cosy cardigans! I love skirts and coloured tights although I do wish for a slightly more consistent Summer here in the UK. I certainly finished this cardigan at a good time, the weather is dire!


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