Birlinn Blanket again

I finished it! I have about 5 WIPs at the moment and I'm not keen on multiple WIPs (I always say that!). Being a slow knitter I find they play on my mind and sort of slow me down, I find it difficult to focus if I've got 3 out at the same time. I've stashed the others away and made a plan to work on two at a time, although that plan was because of the Hygge CAL and really I'd prefer one at a time!

The Hygge CAL is nearly done now, I'm on week 13, nearly ready to block the shawl and then next week will give the lining instructions. So that will be another finished object and will reduce the WIPs further.

Next to finish will be my Kildalton cardigan, another Kate Davies pattern which I've shortened the body of so it sits at my waist. I'm planning on knitting cropped sleeves too. This one hasn't been hugely enjoyable to knit because I think I hate knitting cables! It's a beautiful design but it's been slow-going and fiddly for me. My brain doesn't seem to find cables easy (and these are simple ones), it's slow-going with me having to double and triple-check each set of cables. The yarn I'm knitting it in is gorgeous, a Blacker Yarns natural coloured Elegance DK held doubled with some Hedgehog Fibres speckled laceweight. Derading picking it up again but very much looking forward to wearing the finished cardigan!


  1. Your cross stitch is lovely; kudos to you on doing that on dark fabric count. Your blanket is wonderful. I love those shades of teal.

    1. Thank you, it was a lot of fun to do the cross stitch. I was quite inspired by the teal shades used in the blanket and have a colourwork cardigan project planned.


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