Spindrift Shawl again

I made another Spindrift Shawl (pattern by Helen Stewart). This is for my mum's birthday because she hinted that she would like one after she saw mine. She also hinted that mohair might not be a fibre she wanted me to use! I saw an amazing shawl knit by Tinkhickman on Ravelry - here. I really loved the gradient yarn she had used and promptly bought two cakes of similar from the Etsy shop Bilum. It was lovely yarn to knit with but I was worried about the colours and about the shawl possibly coming out too small. I blocked it really aggressively and was thrilled with the result, the colour and the drape are perfect.
It is a bit wafty and floaty and looks perfect with my wafty floaty fancy frock (an ebay bargain at £12 - it was £130 new!). Mum likes wafty scarfy shawly things and will wear it well.


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