Hedgehog Fibres Blanket Photo Overload

 Sometimes all I need is a deadline and I'll get things finished. This blanket was pure joy to work on from start to finish, all down to the yarn of course! I love Hedgehog Fibres so much (as does James!).

 It's entirely knit in Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock held doubled with a strand of laceweight (BFL & Merino Lace, HF again). James calls it his rainbow blanket, his favourite colour in it is the pink shade (mine too, colourway is Kitsch, June 2015 Twist Club).
The photos below were taken just after I had given it to him; he wouldn't wait for a wet block so I gave it a light steam.

I wrote a decent amount of notes on my Ravelry project page, here. The main issue I encountered with this project (apart from my basic crochet knowledge being entirely wrong!) is detailed below.

So, I managed to gradually ‘lose’ about 5 stitches (10 in total) either end of the blanket between the first lot of grannies and section 5 (Fill the Gap). At that point I realised I’d lost said stitches and hastily added them back in, then carried on (taking great care not to lose any again). I got near to finishing the blanket, but the section with the missing stitches was bothering me with its hourglass shape, I was quite sure I wouldn't be able to block my way out of it.
After a lot of research (and finding nothing to fix the loss of so many stitches) I sat down with my hook and my yarn and simply started at the bottom of the grannies (where it began to curve inwards) and crocheted my way up along the edge vertically, following the pattern as set and working the 1, then 2, then 3, then, 4, finally 5, stitches back and forth, joining each row to the existing edge using slip stitch. I decreased back down by eye and ended up with a straight edge.
You can see this visible mend in the front-facing photo where James is wrapped up. The section I’m taking about is visible on both front-facing edges in the photo and is worked in orange.
After the edges had been squared off this way, I worked the finishing edging.


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