I've become rather pre-occupied with standing stones lately. I've been completely shutting down all my painting (I'm at a brick wall with it and have no focus), and I want to start painting the stones that I find and the places that speak to me. This stone has puzzled me for ages; it's located in a field opposite the Foxhound pub (currently closed & for sale by informal tender) on Biddulph Moor. There is a path along the edge of the field and the stone is in the middle of the field. There is a lightweight fence alongside the path (the type you could duck under), and horses sometimes graze here.
The markings on the stone suggest to me that it might have been part of a pair, possibly for putting bars in? Looks as though they would sort of slot in - can you tell that I know absolutely nothing about this type of thing!? I'm hoping to rectify this with some beginners reading material on the (vast) subject. The only problem with this theory is that logically a person would be much more likely to build fence posts and horse jumps from wood, the work that will have gone into this is far greater than the equivalent in wood, and where is the other half of it?

If you're knowledgeable about this type of thing then please feel free to enlighten me.


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