Deer-ly Cardigan

I can't believe I forgot to write a blog post about this cardi! I was all muddled and cold and didn't know what I wanted to knit when I cast this one on. I need to re-knit the button-bands as I knit them using Rowan Kid Classic which is FAR too floppy for button-bands... It needs a good stiff sheepy yarn for those. Anyway! The pattern is by KismetKnits, it's written in a different method to what I'm used to, the charts in particular which are all chopped up into little pieces. I copied them out as I prefer a big block chart for colourwork, then I just whizzed through the knitting!

I used yarn given to me as a birthday present last year for the main colour, had to hold it quadrupled as it was super skinny lace-weight, lovely sheepy stuff though. The counter colour is a Crazy Zauberball all chopped up and held double as the pattern calls for a good DK weight. As you can see above, it would make a lovely jumper. I've bought yarn to knit a jumper version which I'll cast on later this year.


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