PC & Otter Ferry

31st December

I like this time of the year, it whizzes round so quickly! I've been pottering about at home with the boys, knitting, stewing in bed (with the lurgy), watching the birds. I'm also trying to write a nutrition and digestion assignment up which has proven to be deceptively mind-bogging, who knew the liver had so many functions? Well, I certainly didn't. It's all quite incredible really.

I was given a few books for Christmas including Alan Garner's wonderful memoir of childhood - this comes highly recommended by me. I love Garner's writing so much, he's a true wordsmith, you know how some people are extra specially talented at writing? Works for me in any case, I'm very much enjoying the book. Another book I received was Kate Davies's super curated collection of hat patterns, Milarrochy Heids (along with Handywoman, finally). I'm not much of a hat knitter but couldn't resist, there are some absolute gems in the collection! I cast on Otter Ferry first, it's just my sort of hat, a little unusual and with simple details. It reminds me of a long pixie hat I had when I was an art student, I love it.

Another thing I've been doing recently is re-watching the series about Fred Dibnah (the Fred Dibnah Story), a bittersweet sort of a series about his life and work, which sadly involved demolishing a lot of old chimneys as factories closed and were either renovated into, as Fred calls them, 'yuppie flats', or simply demolished.

Peerie Clews is still in progress! I'm aiming for an end of January finish as that's when the KAL ends over in the Susan Crawford group on Ravelry.

It's ended up being a bit of a slog this one has, not sure why, I think especially as it's been in progress for such a long time. I like to finish things and move on and every time I've picked this one up I've decided I need to make something else right now, and so I put it to one side again...


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