Christmas dress

It's been a busy, busy couple of months, possibly the most stressful months I've had in ages. I had two exams, an interview for university, double work experience and two assignments to do.
I decided to try to channel all my nervous energy into my knitting, in particular, a Christmas dress to wear when it was all done.

Here it is..

The pattern is a Drops one I have wanted to make for ages (Winter Fantasy), the yarn is J&S jumper weight and was a DELIGHT to knit with. I have enough left over from my cone to whip up another dress! ErickaEckles sent me a copy of a vintage dress pattern I'd like to have a go at at some point. For now I'm working on Peerie Clews and have some fun plans for a very colourwork-y 2019! Also a skirt, and some hats as I got the Millarochy Heids book for Christmas.


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