Moder dy

I finished my second Moder dy earlier this month. It turned out really beautifully, all knit using Life in the Long Grass yarns again, they work really well for projects like this. I am finding that I prefer my plainer woollen yarns for clothing but for shawls/blankets I love the hand-dyed speckled yarns.

I was able to block this one more aggressively than I did with my original, the fabric is extremely drapey and falls about my shoulders when I put it on. Of course, it's not mine, it was knit for my son because for the time being, he loves rainbow colours and sparkly things, also soft things. He liked my original blanket so much that I decided to make him one of his own.
The central square section is my favourite part of this version, I alternated strands of Chrysalis and Tangerine Dream (I used Tangerine Dream on its own for the edging), the Chyrsalis added a little extra warmth and yellow tones, it's absolutely beautiful.

I do plan to knit a third Moder dy next year (it makes a good Summer project).


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