That colourwork cardigan

I always remember starting this cardigan with a slight mental grimace! It was Easter Sunday in 2015 and I was sitting in the lounge with the boys and Rich after a long solitary walk to the Butter Cross (a local possibly ancient site). I had walked alone as I was trying to lose a little weight and was doing a fast-paced 10,000 steps a day... I had my phone out and was on Instagram when a beautiful cardigan appeared in my feed. It was from Susan Crawford's knitting blog and she had seen it in an exhibition - the bog post is here - well, what a cardigan! I had the urge to go to my Jamieson's Spindrift breadbin and choose colours. I had everything in stock. Now what pattern to follow, what stitch counts?

I chose Ursula of course, it's colourwork, same sort of yarn weight and naturally, I'd start with a sleeve to be sure of my gauge (which doesn't seem to change much when I'm knitting with the Spindrift). Tubular cast on and I was off! Later that night I woke with a burning pain in my stomach, went downstairs to make a hot water bottle and then ended up being sick. The next day was truly awful, I hate sickness bugs! The whole family got it and so the cardigan always reminds me of the Easter vomiting bug.

It's Ravelled here, all the info you might need/want to know. It remains my most worn cardigan and it makes me smile every time I see it.


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