Mittens and cables

I bought a copy of Find Your Fade and I cast it on and then I began to have doubts... Basically, I have several shawls now, several gorgeous ones, all different sizes, I really do feel all set in the shawl department. I use my Moder dy shawl all the time, it's definitely my favourite.
For me the Find Your Fade comes out far too big and not quite my favourite shawl shape, and with my brain feeling slightly foggy I just couldn't figure out how to make it smaller (I know... Fewer rows or something!).
Anyway, I ripped back what I had knit and look forward to seeing all the lovely FOs appear on Instagram and Ravelry!

I did make a pair of mittens though, and a dress (which I can share on the 31st - it's a test knit).

Yarn pairing for an imminent cast on of Kate Davies' new design, Kildalton (a gorgeous cabled cardigan). I ended up choosing Hedgehog Fibres Merino Lace in the colourway 'Echo' (past club) held doubled with Blacker Yarns Elegance (in the centre of the above picture).

I've been working on the ribbing above for a week or so, it has taken ages to knit! It's all twisted ribbing and the cardigan is meant to be worn with positive ease, so that meant more stitches. I finished the ribbing yesterday and got on with the main block of knitting and I'm pleased to say that progress has sped up! It's looking lovely and will be such a gorgeous cardigan to wear. I think I mentioned it in a previous post, it's Leitzel by Alison Green and was published in Twist Collective's Autumn collection, 2015.


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