Whipped up a little hap blanket from my Colinette Perugino Throw kit. It's lovely and warm, perfect for using as a lap blanket or a shawl, although Rich says that I look like an old lady when I put it on as a shawl, and to be fair, he's not wrong. Still, when you're cold...

I love this thing. I have enough to make a second one and might do that for a present or so there are two - I thought they might be nice to have in the car for when the boys are cold and wet and have been stripped of their trousers! No doubt they'll think them too girly in a few years' time, but for now they'll do nicely.

The pattern is Hap Blanket, by Ysolda Teague, from her first book Whimsical Little Knits.


  1. Very pretty! The soft colors really suit the pattern.


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